Specialized Pain Management

Dr. Daniel Batlan pic

Dr. Daniel Batlan
Image: treatpainlv.com

Dr. Daniel Batlan, MD, MBA is the Medical Director of Specialized Pain Management (SPM), a medical practice that is dedicated to excellence in the treatment of individuals that suffer from chronic and acute pain disorders. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, his practice offers an extensive range of treatment options for virtually all painful conditions.

Dr. Batlan is among the most well trained specialists in America. He earned his medical degree from The Loyola University of Chicago School of Medicine in 1985. Next, he completed an Anesthesiology Residency at the prestigious John Hopkins Hospital. Following completion of his studies at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Batlan decided to specialize in pain management. He received intensive training during his Pain Management Fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, which was distinguished as the largest pain management training program in North America at the time of Dr. Batlan’s education. Dr. Batlan also completed management training at The New York University – Leonard Stern Graduale School of Business, earning an MBA. Dr. Batlan is grateful to have trained at these internationally recognized graduate programs.

According to Dr. Batlan, pain management was still an emerging field when he completed his training. The quality of The Cleveland Clinic’s programs attracted physicians from around the world to pursue studies in the field of pain medicine. Moreover, The Cleveland Clinic also attracted an international clientele of patients suffering from pain. The clinic’s services were in such high demand that an average of 50 patients received treatment every day for an array of common and rare pain disorders. This volume of patient care provided Dr. Batlan with two elements essential to working effectively as a pain management specialist: experience and confidence.

During the program, Dr. Batlan learned the important values he continues to utilize in his practice to this day. These attributes include an emphasis on communication, as well as the importance of obtaining a detailed history and conducting a comprehensive examination in order to achieve accurate diagnosis. Additionally, Dr. Batlan learned many of the modalities he uses for pain management, including epidurals and advanced nerve blocks, trigger point injections, joint blocks, discography and implantation of pain pumps and spinal column stimulators.

By the time he completed The Cleveland Clinic’s Pain Management Program, Dr. Batlan had participated in the treatment of hundreds of patients. He was ready to build a practice in the relatively new and highly gratifying field of medicine.

To learn more about Dr. Batlan, please visit his website at www.treatpainlv.com.


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