The Symptoms and Causes of Spinal Stenosis


Spinal Stenosis pic

Spinal Stenosis

As founder and medical director of Specialized Pain Management, Dr. Daniel Batlan provides patents with quality care for conditions such as muscle spasm pain and herniated discs. Serving patients in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV, Daniel Batlan, MD, is also experienced in treating spinal stenosis, which becomes more common as people age and involves a narrowing of the spinal canal due to arthritis and other issues.

With the spaces between each vertebrae decreasing in size as cushioning cartilage breaks down, the spinal cord and surrounding nerves become pinched. In addition, bone tissue can grow, which results in tingling, pain, and numbness within the legs, torso, and arms. In certain cases, sciatica may occur, which is typified by an aching of the buttocks or lower back, accompanied by shooting pains that run down the legs.

Other hernia symptoms include difficulty walking and standing, with upright positions accentuating vertebral compression and causing pain. Some patients may experience foot drop, which involves weakness in the leg and the development of a walking motion that involves slapping the foot on the ground.


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