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Specialized Pain Management
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At Specialized Pain Management, a clinic with six locations, including Las Vegas, Nevada, and Henderson, NV, Dr. Daniel Batlan delivers a professional standard of pain management care to patients impacted by problems of back pain, cancer pain, and arthritis. An MD with more than two decades of experience, Dr. Daniel Batlan underwent post-doctoral specialist training at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic.

Pain management physicians focus on diagnosing and treating all kinds of pain, including pain with an obvious cause, such as an injury, and pain with no obvious cause, such as fibromyalgia. Pain management physicians treat pain using medications, including opioids and non-opioids, and through interventional techniques such as nerve blocks, physical therapy, and counseling.

When working with patients, pain management physicians develop personalized and comprehensive treatment plans by carefully examining key metrics, including medical histories and results from laboratory or imaging tests.




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As a pain management specialist, one of the most common types of pain that Dr. Daniel Batlan treats is neck and low back pain. The human spine is designed to allow it to protect the body’s central nervous system while supporting the body’s core during weight-bearing activity. Running from the cervical vertebra down to the sacrum, the spinal column consists of 24 bony structures called vertebrae. The spinal cord runs through the center of the spinal column, while cushioned discs rest between each vertebrae to keep the bones from rubbing together, as well as to protect nerves from impingement.

Many factors may lead to degeneration or tearing of these spinal discs, including injuries, genetic factors, hard work, and age. As the discs degenerate or tear, water and other fluids may leak from them, reducing the cushioning and natural protection. Likewise, the fluid that leaks from the disc’s nucleus may irritate nerve tissue. All of these factors may cause significant pain along the spinal column and throughout the back.

When Dr. Batlan suspects intervertebral disc damage, he may recommend that his patient undergo an advanced procedure entitled discography, so he can determine whether specific discs are damaged and causing pain. During a discogram, sterile X-ray contrast dye is injected into a disc using a thin needle while the patient is under sedation. X-rays will show whether the contrast remains in the center of the disc, indicating a healthy disc, or if it spreads, indicating a compromised one. The quality of the information that is created with discography is often far superior than the information that is conveyed from other imaging procedures such as plain Xrays or MRI scans. Discography may enable Dr. Batlan to pinpoint the exact location of tear(s) in the spinal disc(s).

The procedure takes approximately an hour and can be performed on an outpatient basis. The doctor may ask you to assess pain levels during the procedure.v

Cortisone Use in Pain Management Therapy

One of the most common procedures utilized by Dr. Daniel Batlan involves the injection of small amounts of cortisone into the spine to alleviate pain associated with degenerative conditions and other ailments. This treatment, along with other services offered by Dr. Daniel Batlan at the Specialized Pain Management clinic, is meant to treat those who experience moderate to severe pain.


Cortisone, one of the hormones released by the adrenal glands when a person responds to stress, is a steroid hormone. When it is introduced to the body’s immune system, cortisone reduces inflammation, pain, and swelling at the injury site. Inflammation of a particular joint, tendon, or bursa can be relieved through a cortisone shot directly into the shoulder, knee, or elbow. Dr. Daniel Batlan also offers epidural, facet, trigger point, sacroiliac, hip and knee, and stellate ganglion injections. After a cortisone shot has been administered, pain relief often begins within twelve (12) hours.


Adrenal Glands

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For more information about pain management options, individuals can visit the Specialized Pain Management website at www.treatpainlv.com. This comprehensive website includes extensive information about the field of pain management, as well as the educational background of Dr. Daniel Batlan and numerous testimonial letters from his patients.